What Are the Effects of Using Fused Silica Powder?

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Fused Silica Powder

The material is high-quality fused sand crushed with a jet or vibration mill. It then undergoes classification. Performance-wise, it is characterized by a small coefficient of expansion, low stress and chemical corrosion resistance. Fused silicon has low radioactivity and good electrical radiation.

Where is fused silicon used in industry and why?

The silica powder, when mixed with hydration products, can form a solid gel. It will also react with alkaline materials such as magnesium oxide, forming a gel. The following functions can be played by mortar, refractory castables and silica dust in cement-based concret:

Fused silica powder improves corrosion resistance.

2. Fused silicon powder can be used to reduce concrete pumping resistance by retaining water and preventing bleeding.

Concrete can be significantly improved by adding a layer of silicon powder.

The fusion of silicon powder can be used to reduce the dust that falls on concrete and castables sprayed and to increase the thickness.

Fused silicon powder has been used in C150 Concrete Engineering as a key component for high-strength, lightweight concrete.

Use of fused silicon powder in ordinary concrete or low-cement castables can improve durability and reduce costs.

7.Fused Silicon Powder can effectively prevent concrete aggregate alkali reaction.

Castable refractories can be made more compact by adding fused silicon powder. The mullite is formed more easily when Al2O3 and silicon coexist. This improves the high temperature strength of refractory materials.

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