The Properties And Application of Silicon nitride

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What is Silicon nitride (HTML0)?
Inorganic silicon nitride has the chemical formula Si3N4. It is a ceramic structural material with atomic crystalline structure, high hardness, lubricity and wear resistance. It is also resistant to the impact of both cold and heat. It will not break if you heat it to over 1000 in the atmosphere, cool it quickly and then heat it rapidly. Because of its excellent properties, silicon nitride is often used in the manufacture of bearings. turbine blades. mechanical seal rings. permanent molds. Silicon nitride is a ceramic that resists high temperatures, but also transfers heat poorly. It can therefore be used as the heating surface of engine components to improve quality, reduce fuel consumption, and increase thermal efficiency.
Silicon nitride application:

Silicon nitride ceramics have excellent properties including high thermal resistance, high oxidation resistant and high product accuracy. Silicon nitride has a high bond strength covalent compound and is capable of forming an oxide protective layer in the air. This gives it good chemical stability. It cannot be oxidized under 1200degC. The formation of a film between 1200 and 1600degC will prevent further corrosion.

Silicon nitride is a ceramic material that can be used to make high-temperature components for engineering, advanced refractories for the metallurgical sector, sealing components and corrosion-resistant components in the chemical sector, cutting and tooling in the machining field, etc.

It can be used to bond materials in different proportions.

Silicon nitride is also used in solar cells. It is possible to use the silicon-nitride coating after the PECVD process. Not only can it be used as a film that reduces the reflection of light incident, but the hydrogen atoms in the reaction products enter the silicon-nitride and the wafer during the deposition. The ratio between silicon nitride and silicon atoms does not always follow a 4:3 ratio, but can vary within a specific range depending on different processing conditions. The film’s physical properties are different for different atomic proportions.

Silicon nitride is widely used for its excellent electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties.

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