Introduction of three types of nitride powder

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The binary compound nitride is made up of nitrogen and an element which has a lower electronegativity. Nitrogen, which has a high electronegativity can form a number of nitrides when combined with other elements that have fewer electronegativity. This includes ionic nitrides as well as covalent and metal Nitrides. onic nitride
Nitrides made from alkali metals or alkaline Earth metals belong to the ionic group. They are crystals with a large number of ionic bondings, while the nitrogen element appears as N3+, which is also called salt-like nitrides. Li3N, the only ionic nitride currently used, is a deep red solid. Li3N belongs to the hexagonal crystalline system and is a red solid with a density of 1.27g/cm3 as well as a melting point 813degC. It is very easy to synthesize, and it has a good ionic conductivity. It can be combined either with solids or liquids. Coexistence of Lithium is one of best solid lithium electrodes currently available.

Covalent nitride
Covalent nitrides are formed when group IIIAVIIA element are combined. The majority of their crystals consist of covalent bonding. Nitrogen oxides and nitrogen halos are the correct names for compounds that oxygen, group VIIIA elements, and nitrogen elements form. The covalent nitrides most commonly used are mainly the nitrides from group IIIA elements and IVA (such as AlN, GaN and InN). The unit of structure is similar to that of a diamond tetrahedron, and so is known as class Diamond Nitride. They have a high hardness and melting point. The majority of them are semiconductors or insulators. They are widely used for cutting tools and high-temperature ceramics.

Metal Nitride
These nitrides form by transition metal elements are metallic nitrides. The nitrogen atoms in these nitrides can also be called infills. The composition of this nitride type can vary, as the chemical formula does not have a strict ratio. The majority of metal-type nitrides have a NaCl type structural structure and a chemical formula MN type. In general, it is a metal-like material with properties such as high hardness and melting point, wear resistance resistance, corrosion resistant, etc. It has a wide range of applications, including cutting materials.

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