Is Silver Carbonate Soluble?

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is silver carbonate soluble?

In chemistry, carbonates are insoluble unless they contain alkali metal cations. This is especially true of silver carbonate, which has a solubility of 0.032 g of salt per 1 L of water at 25C.

Silver carbonate is a weak base and can be used in the preparation of Fetizon’s reagent, which is used to oxidise primary and secondary alcohols into ketones and aldehydes. It also is used to produce a large variety of silver compounds, such as silver nitrate and silver oxide.

is silver carbonate soluble in nitric acid?

In the presence of nitric acid, silver carbonate dissolves to generate silver nitrate, carbon dioxide, and water. It is also soluble in dilute nitric acid.

Is silver carbonate dissolved in ammonia?

Ammonia is a weak base, so it can be used to make a coordinate complex that pulls away the free silver ions in the solution. This makes ammonium carbonate more soluble in water than it would be on its own.

Is silver carbonate a strong base?

Silver carbonate has a high strength of acid and will react with acids to give its respective silver salts. The reaction will not be rapid, but it does take place.

Is silver carbonate corrosive?

Silver carbonate is corrosive to a wide range of metals, including silver, copper, and zinc. It is also abrasive to softer metals such as gold and platinum. It is used in the manufacture of silver powder, which is an important part of microelectronics. It is a common catalyst for organic reactions, especially for the generation of acyl radicals from carboxylic acids and terminal alkynes.