What is Aluminum Nitride?

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What is it? Aluminum Nitride ? Aluminum nitride or covalent bond compounds, chemical formula is AIN, is an atomic structure that is non-toxic, white, or off-white.
Aluminum Nitride has the following main features
AlN can be stored at temperatures up to 2200°C. The strength of AlN at room temperature is high. With increasing temperatures, it decreases slowly. It is an excellent thermal shock material because it has a low thermal conductivity and small thermal expansion coefficient. It is resistant to molten steel corrosion and makes a great crucible material to cast pure iron, aluminum, and aluminum alloys. Aluminum nitride, which is an excellent electrical insulator due to its good dielectric properties, is also promising as an electric component. The aluminum nitride coating protects the gallium arsenide substrate from ionization during annealing. Aluminum nitride also acts as a catalyst in the conversion of hexagonal to cubic boron nutride. It reacts slowly at room temperature with water. Aluminum powder can be made in nitrogen atmosphere or ammonia at 8001000. It is white to gray-blue and can be used as a catalyst. It can also be produced by reaction of Al2O3C–N2 system at 16001750. The product is off-white. Or by the vapor phase reaction of aluminum chloride with ammonia. You can make the coating by using the AlCl3/NH3 vapor-phase deposition process.
Aluminum Nitride Properties
Other Titles Aluminium nitride
No. 24304-00-5
Combination Formula AlN
Molecular Weight 40.9882
Appearance Powders from pale yellow to white
Melting Point 2200 degC
Boiling Point 2517 degC (dec.)
Density 2.9 to 33% g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Electrical Resistivity 10 to 12 10x 10x O.m
Poisson’s Ratio 0.21 to $0.31
Specific heat 780 J/kg-K
Thermal Conductivity 80-200 W/mK
Thermal Expansion 4.2 to 5.4 um/mK
Young’s Modulus 330 GPa
Exact 40.9846
Monoisotopic 40.9846
AlN powder CAS 24304 00-5
Aluminum Niitride
The majority of current research is focused on developing a semiconductor-based light emitting device (gallium nutride or alloy aluminum gallium nanonitride) that can operate in ultraviolet light with a wavelength up to 250 nanometers. An inefficient diode can emit light up to 210nm [1] as reported in May 2006. An aluminum nitride single crystal has an energy difference of 6.2eV, measured by the reflection of UV rays. In theory, this energy gap allows waves with wavelengths of around 200 nanometers to pass through. However, commercial implementation presents many difficulties. Aluminum nitride has many uses in optoelectronics. This includes as dielectric layers for optical storage interfaces and electronic substrates. Also, it is used as chip carriers with high thermal conductivity for military purposes.
The properties of aluminum Nitride’s piezoelectric effect make epitaxial stretching of aluminum Nitride crystals a good choice for surface acoustic-wave detectors. The detectors can be placed on silicon wafers. It is difficult to produce thin films reliably in these locations.
Aluminum nitride clays can be used for heat exchangers and high-temperature structural parts.
It can be used to resist corrosion properties of aluminum, iron, and other metals.
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