Buy Cobalt Bars to Help End Child Labor Abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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One of the world’s most important metals, cobalt is used in everything from smartphones and computers to electric vehicles. In fact, it’s a key ingredient in the lithium-ion batteries that power those devices.

But the world’s supply of cobalt is in danger. The Democratic Republic of Congo, where much of the world’s cobalt is mined, is a hotbed of unethical mining practices, including child labor and forced mining.

Apple and other tech companies have been calling attention to the abuses in the DRC. But Kara says that’s not enough to fix the problem.

The main issue is that the cobalt that makes up most of the world’s lithium-ion batteries is mined in the DRC. It is extracted by industrial mining companies and then shipped to countries around the world, including China.

It is also mined by artisanal miners in the DRC, who are exploiting the country’s cobalt resources and putting workers at risk of abuse. It is an industry that is deeply tied to the broader economy of the DRC, where some of the world’s largest mines operate.

In recent years, Chinese companies have purchased stakes in a number of major mines in the DRC. In December, for instance, China Molybdenum paid Freeport-McMoRan half a billion dollars to acquire a controlling stake in Kisanfu, a copper and cobalt concession east of Kolwezi.