Silicon Nitride Powder Properties And Applications

Silicon nitride

It is an organic substance having the chemical formula SI3N4. Silicon nitride can be used as a structural ceramic material. It has high hardness, lubricity, and wear resistance. Silicon nitride can be very strong, especially when hot-pressed. This is why it is one of the strongest materials in the universe.

Silicon Nitride Powder Properties

Silicon nitride does not interact with water. Instead, it is slowly hydrolyzed by strong acid to create ammonium salt and silica dioxide. It is also easily soluble in hydrofluoric acids and is incompatible with dilute acids. Strong alkali solutions can slowly corrode silica nitride. Molten alkali can transform silicon nitride quickly into silicate and ammonia.

Silicon nitride has a very high resistance to high temperatures. Its strength can be maintained at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius without falling. It won’t melt in heat and it will not decompose after heating. It is very resistant to chemical agents. Silicon nitride has remarkable chemical resistance. It can withstand most inorganic acids, caustic soda solution below 30%, and corrosion by many other organic acids.

Silicon Nitride Powder Applications

The high strength and high resistance of silicon nitride clays are some of its best attributes. It has the best overall mechanical properties, thermal shock resistance as well as oxidation resistance. It is the original ceramic used in thermomechanical components. This is a potential material. A candidate material.

Silicon nitride Ceramics are used in the chemical sector as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant parts. They include ball valves and pump bodies, as well as combustion vaporizers and filters.

The silicon nitride clays used in the metallurgical sector are durable, low friction, and self-lubricating. It is stable to most alloy and metal solutions. It can therefore be used for the production of metal material processing tools, including dial mandels, extrusion, wire drawing and transfer dies as well as rollers, transfer dies and heating element fixtures.

It has excellent characteristics and is used frequently to make bearings, turbine blades and mechanical seal rings. It can improve the quality and efficiency of diesel engines by using silicon nitride clays which are resistant at high temperatures and hard to transfer heat.

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