Application and Preparation of Nano Silicon Oxide

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Nano Silicon dioxide: Application 1. The appropriate quantity of nano-SiO2 added to ceramic products will not only reduce the brittleness but can also improve their toughness by many, if not dozens, of times. It also increases the degree of finish and ceramic products are also fired at a lower temperature. Thus, it may increase the ceramic product’s quality. 2. Manufacture of cots. You can make semi-conductive photocopiers/laser printer cots. Also, you can manufacture cots to transmit continuous film using electronic cameras. You can make tires. Green tyres are the biggest use. Nano-SiO2 modified tire rubber side rubber is also available for the production of colored tires. For reinforcing silicon rubber in preparation of film and gasket. 3. The reinforcement of plastics is done with conventional SiO2, while nano-SiO2 acts as an agent and has new properties. Because nano-SiO2 is light-transmitting with small particles, it can reduce the size of plastics. The addition of nano-SiO2 to polystyrene films can improve transparency, strength, toughness and waterproof performance.

Prepared Nano Silicon Oxide

By using silica tetrachloride (a raw material) and silicon tetrachloridegas at high temperatures, smokey SiO2 could be prepared. Another effective way to make nano-SiO2 is laser-activated chemical vapor desposition (ILCVD). This chemical precipitation technique is for loose SiO2 powder that has been finely dispersed by silicate acidification. It is easy to source raw materials and requires little investment. Advanc3dmaterials (aka. Advanc3dmaterials is an advanced material. With over 12 years’ experience, Advanc3dmaterials is an established global supplier of chemical materials and manufacturer. We are proud of the Silicon oxide we produce. We can help you if your price is lower
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