Manganese II Nitride

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manganese ii nitride is a very strong electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction in water. It is also a superior catalyst in the oxidation of fluorine tin oxide (FTO) under alkaline conditions.

This compound is widely used as a light pink crystalline ionic compound for non-ferrous metal welding materials and for the ceramic industry. It is available in tetrahydrate, anhydrous and hexahydrate form.

It is clearly tagged and labeled externally for efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might occur during storage or transportation.

Our manganese ii nitride meets or exceeds applicable pharmacological, food, technical and research standards. It is typically supplied in the following grades:

Mil Spec (military grade)

American Elements supplies manganese ii nitride in a range of standard and custom sizes, in submicron to nanopowder forms. It is generally immediately available in most volumes.

A scalable synthesis of phase-pure crystalline manganese nitride has been reported that acts as a highly active and durable electrocatalyst in the oxygen evolution reaction from water under alkaline conditions. It has been demonstrated to outperform both MnOx-based and solely metallic Mn3N2 OER catalysts in terms of activity and durability.

Manganese is a hard, silvery white metallic element that occurs in a variety of compounds. The most important of these is manganese dioxide, which is the oxidation state of the black mineral pyrolusite and is the most common source of industrially useful manganese. It is the key component of the cathode material in dry-cell batteries and is an essential chemical oxidant for organic synthesis.