Zirconia Grinding Beads

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zirconia grinding beads are a type of grinding media made of high-purity tetragonal zirconia with doped with zirconium oxide or yittrium oxide. This is a unique formulation that achieves the highest strength and wear resistance of all ceramic grinding media.

Application: YTZP (*) Grinding Beads are used for high-purity grinding and dispersion of non-metal mineral, paint, printing ink, papermaking, electronic material, magnetic materials, dyestuff and foodstuff. They are also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as mixing balls for high-speed mixers and as biological cell disintegration media.

YTZP (*) Zirconia Alumina Composite Beads are specially developed by CHEMCO expert R&D team, combining good properties of two advanced ceramic materials: zirconium oxide and alumina to produce a high-density grinding media. The higher density and smooth bead surface provide a good grinding performance, low wear to the mill internal components and excellent toughness as well as breakage resistance.

ZSA 3.7 Zirconia Reinforced Alumina Beads are sintered SiLibeads (r) type grinding beads with a specific weight of 3.7 g/cm3. They are suitable for both horizontal and vertical mills.

Zirbeads are designed for a formulation viscosity no less than 1000 cps, although they can be milled with lower viscosity formulas as long as the pre-mix is fine and homogeneous. However, when using Zirbeads for dispersion and grinding of low-viscosity pre-mixes, a balance between speed and bead size is more critical to avoid excessive wear on the mill and the media itself.

zirconia grinding beads are widely used for ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of many kinds of materials that require “zero pollution” and high hardness. They can be used in sand mills for grinding and used high-speed stirring mills for dispersion.