What is Vanadium Nitride VN?

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Vanadium-nitride (or VN) is a mixture of vanadium, nitrogen. It is a dark cubic crystal powder having a molecular mass of 64.95.
Vanadium nitride is used to increase wear resistance during the nitriding of steel. VN can also be used to form V2N in the nitriding of steel. VN has a cubic rock salt composition. Also, there is a cryogenic form with V4 clusters. Dynamic instability occurs when the energy in the vibration mode of the high temperature NaCl crystal phase phase drops below zero.
It is a strong-coupling superconductor. The potential for supercapacitors is attributed to nanocrystalline vanadium. The stoichiometry determines the properties of vanadium-nitride.

Vanadium nitride, a new alloy additive, can be used in place of ferrovanadium to make microalloyed stainless steel. The steel’s mechanical properties can be improved by adding vanadium to it. This includes toughness, strength, ductility, thermal fatigue resistance and weldability. The addition of vanadium-nitrogen alloy to steel can improve the strength and reduce the cost of vanadium by between 30-40%. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be used as structural steel and tool steel. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be used in high-strength low alloy steel. This will enable you to perform effective vanadium/nitrogen microalloying, as well as promote the precipitation and refinement of steel.

What does Vanadium Nickel VN do?
Vanadium Nitride is a superior steelmaking additive to high vanadium Iron. The nitrogen content in vanadium iron nitride can encourage the precipitation and finening of vanadium. This will make it more useful as an additive for steelmaking.
Useful for the production of semiconductor films that are wear-resistant or resistant to corrosion.
It is a novel and effective vanadium alloy addition that can be used in the production of high-strength low-alloy steel products, such as high strength welding steel, nonquenched and temper steel, high speed steel, high quality pipeline steel, and so forth.

Vanadium-Nitride VN Powder Prices
Price is affected by many factors, including supply and demand, industry trends and economic activity.
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