What is the Formula For Iron II Nitride?

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The chemical formula for iron ii nitride is Fe3N2. This compound is made up of nitrogen, an iron atom and two nitrate ions. The nitrate ions have a +3 charge while the iron atom has a -2 charge. The compound is a solid. It can be found naturally in minerals such as magnetite, hematite, goethite and limonite or it can be produced synthetically.

In the article, “Generation and low temperature characterization of terminally bound iron(III) nitride P3BFe(N) (P3B=tris(o-diisopropylphosphinophenyl)borane), a plausible intermediate of iron-mediated nitrogen fixation,” the authors write that CW- and pulse EPR spectroscopy supported by DFT calculations help to define a 2A ground state electronic structure for this C3-symmetric nitride species placing an unpaired spin in a sigma orbital along the B-Fe-N vector.

The chemical is considered to be moderately explosive when exposed to humidity and may produce toxic fumes of ammonia. Inhalation of the powder may lead to irritation of the respiratory tract or acute iron poisoning or pneumoconiosis. This compound is also a known skin irritant. It is used in the manufacture of tungsten filaments for cathode ray tubes, and it is often mixed with alumina to form an antimony-tungsten alloy for crucibles and other furnace applications.