What color are ytterbium oxide and erbium oxide?

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Introduction to the knowledge on ytterbium dioxide and erbiumoxide Ytterbium oxide It is also known as ytterbium dioxide and has the chemical formula: Yb2O3. It is white when pure, and yellowish-brown if it contains some thorium oxide. Insoluble in cold acid and water, but soluble in warm dilute acetate.
Erbium oxide The chemical formula of Er2O3 is pink powder. It is a pink powder with the chemical formula Er2O3. When heated up to 1300, it turns into a hexagonal, non-melting crystal. The lanthanum is first synthesized. Carl Gustaf Mosander isolated it partially in 1843. Georges Urbain & Charles James demonstrated for the first in 1905 its pure pink cubic structure. Oxidation may also take a hexagonal shape under certain circumstances.
How to prepare Erbium oxide and ytterbium dioxide
The preparation method of ytterbium oxid
The ytterbium ore can be prepared by separating the brown yttrium and niobium ores in a multi-step process to obtain a rich aqueous thulium/ytterbium solution. This is followed by separating oxalic acids, filtering, and burning.
Method of preparation of erbium dioxide
After separation and burn, erbium dioxide is obtained from a nitric or sulfuric acid solution by reacting it with alkali.

Uses for ytterbium Oxide and Erbium Oxide
Ytterbium-oxide: This oxide is mainly used to make magnetic bubbles for computer storage. Magnetic bubble storage has many advantages, including high speed, compact size, large capacity and multi-function.
Erbiumoxide: Erbiumoxide is mainly used in yttrium ferro garnet as an additif and also as a control for nuclear reactors. Also, it is used in the production of special light-emitting and infrared absorbent glasses. It is used to color glass. Er2O3 remains the only stable substance. Oxidation occurs as a powdery substance that has a cubical and monoclinic shape centered in the body. Er2O3 also has a greater magnetic moment (9.5MB). These properties, as well as the preparation methods for oxidation, are identical to those of lanthanides. The pink color of glass can be achieved by oxidation.

How to store powder
The dispersion and the use of the powder are affected by humidity. The powder should be kept in a sealed vacuum package in a cool, dry environment. The powder should not be left exposed to air. Use powder only under pressure.
Prices of ytterbium dioxide and erbiumoxide
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