What are the applications of microsilica powder?

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Nano-crystalline silicon is silicon that has a diameter less than 5 micrometers (1 billion (1G meter). Nano silica is characterized by its high purity and small particle size. This product is non-toxic, tasteless, and has high surface activity. Nano silicon is a photoelectric material of a new type, with a large gap energy semiconductor. It is also an extremely powerful light source. 1. Applications of silica Powder Concrete in Industry
The concrete with micro-silica has good adhesion, cohesion and strength. It can also increase the thickness of the form. Concrete with micro-silica is used in water-saving and hydropower projects like long-span oil drilling platforms or bridges. It can also improve its anticorrosion and impact abrasion characteristics. Micro-silica powder is a great way to improve the strength of concrete and its wear resistance.

2. Mixing silicon powder with cement
Some countries use micro silica powder as an additive in cement production. Increased micro silica content in cement results in a significant increase in strength. Micro silica will improve the cohesiveness, secant elastic modus and creep of the cement. But, it will also reduce the water absorption and volume of the cement. Micro silica should not be mixed with cement if you are concerned about water absorption or volume quality.
3. Use in the refractory industry
Silica powder is widely used by the refractory industry. It can be used to make high-temperature ceramics such as ladles and refractory bricks. Microsilica powder can improve fluidity, volume and strength of refractory. Improve the cohesion of refractory and its high-temperature performances.
4. Application in metallurgical granules
Several North American enterprises have also mixed silica and Micro silica Powder to make Pelletizing Ore as Raw Materials for Electric Furnace Reduction and Smelting of Silicon and found the silicon recovery rate was normal. The energy consumption per product unit remained unchanged.
Due to the fact that micro silica is prepared through high-temperature high-alkali solution or calcination, a high value-added application of micro silica in the preparation silica aerogel can be achieved whether micro silica or sodium silicate are used as silicon sources. The silica aerogel made from micro silica as a source of silicon has high porosity, strength, low density and good heat insulation. This is expected to find wide application in the aerospace, construction, medical and other industries.
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