The Properties And Uses of Boron Carbide Powder

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What is the boron carbide property?

Boron carbide powder

Also known as black Diamond, this organic substance is a powder with the chemical formula B4C. It’s usually a gray or black color. It is among the three hardest substances known (the two others being diamond and cubic boron-nitride).

Boron carbide looks like a shiny black crystal. Boron carbide has a harder surface than industrial diamonds, but is softer than silicon carbide. Ceramics made of boron-carbide are more fragile than other ceramics.

Boron carbide powder has a high stability to acids and alkalis. Boron carbide in an atmosphere is essentially stable below 800degC. The boron oxide that is formed when it is oxidized at a high temperature is lost during the gas phase. This leads to its instabilities and oxidation into carbon dioxide and trioxide.

What uses does boron carburide have?

Boron carbide is a powder with low density and high strength. It also has good chemical stability, high temperature stability, and high temperature stability. It’s used as a ceramic reinforcing phase, in materials that are resistant to wear, and in armors, neutron absorbers for reactors, etc. As boron carbide can be easily manufactured and has a low cost, it is used more than diamonds and cubic boron. It can be used in place of expensive diamonds and is often used for grinding, drilling, and grinding.

Abrasive material

The boron carbide was used as an abrasive coarse material for many years. Due to its high melting point it is difficult for it to be cast in artificial products. However it can be shaped by smelting it at high temperatures. Boron carbide powder can be used for grinding and drilling hard materials, such as gemstones and cemented carbide.

Coating paint

Boron carbide may also be used on warships or helicopters as a ceramic surface. It is lightweight with the ability to resist armor-piercing bullets.


Due to their wear resistance and hardness, boron nitride nozzles, zirconia, alumina and silicon nitride will be gradually replaced by boron nitride nozzles.


Boron carbide powder can also be used for the production of metal borides as well as boron alloys and welding.

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