The Properties And Application of Aluminum nitride

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What exactly is Aluminum Nitride?
Aluminum nitride (AIN) is a covalent-bond compound. It has the chemical formula of AIN. AlN can stabilize up to 2200. The room temperature strength of AlN is very high. It decreases gradually with increasing temperature. It has a low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, which makes it an excellent thermal shock material. It is a good crucible material to melt and cast pure iron, aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminum nitride also has excellent dielectric properties. It can also be used as an electrical component. The aluminum nitride layer on the gallium arsenide surface can protect it against ion implantation during annealing. Aluminum nitride also acts as a catalyst for the transformation of hexagonal boron to cubic boron. It is a slow reactant with water. The product can be synthesized by combining aluminum powder with ammonia and nitrogen at 8001000. The product is a powder that ranges from white to grayish. If the Al2O3 system is used at 16001750 to synthesize the powder, it will be off-white.
Aluminum nitride application:

A surface acoustic-wave detector also uses epitaxial stretching due to the piezoelectric effects of aluminum Nitride. The detector will then be mounted on a silicon-based wafer. The thin film can only be manufactured reliably in very few places.

Aluminium nitride is a ceramic material with a low expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity, and high room temperature strength. It can also be used to make heat exchangers for high-temperature structural components.

It can be used to melt metals, such as Al and Cu, and it can also be used as a casting mold for melting Pb.

Aluminum Nitride is widely used as a semiconductor electronic package due to its excellent properties in terms of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

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