Sodium Methoxide Melting Point

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sodium methoxide melting point is an alkaline condensing agent, catalyst and a key raw material used in manufacturing various chemicals. It can be employed to produce fragrances, dyes and other chemical compounds. It is also a crucial ingredient for the production of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, including vitamin B1, A, and sulfadiazine. It’s a mature chemical product with decades of production history in China.

It’s a caustic substance that can burn the skin, and contact with eyes may cause permanent damage. Inhaling the dust can lead to serious lung problems. Sodium methoxide is also ignitable and reacts violently with water, acids, oxidizing agents and other solvents. It can ignite combustible materials like paper, oil and wood. Containers storing this substance will explode.

This chemical is highly flammable and soluble in ethanol and methanol. It is miscible with fats and esters. It is also soluble in hydrocarbons and organic solvents. It can form a colorless solution when mixed with sodium hydroxide.

The melting point of sodium methoxide is 126.6 degrees Celsius. It is soluble in methanol and ethyl alcohol. It is insoluble in benzene and toluene. Sodium methyloxide is very toxic and corrosive.

It should be kept in an inert atmosphere and stored away from open flames, sparks, and heat sources. It should be stored in a tightly sealed unbreakable container. It should be stored in a cool dry place. It should not be disposed of in water sources and sewers. It is also dangerous for humans to touch with bare hands. It should be handled by a trained and experienced worker, who must wear protective clothing to avoid exposure to its fumes.