Nickel Plated Mesh

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If you’re looking for a wire mesh that will deliver excellent electrical and magnetic conductivity as well as corrosion resistance, then nickel is a great choice. While woven stainless steel mesh is commonly used in countless industries across the country, nickel offers its own set of unique benefits that should be taken into consideration before deciding on which alloy to use.

Woven nickel plated mesh is a type of metal mesh that is made from a nickel-containing alloy (mainly nickel wire) with a high purity. It is typically used in the production of alkali, hydrogen electrolysis cell electrodes and new energy batteries. It is also used in special gas liquid filtration, shielding radiation and other applications that require high conductivity.

To test the effect of nickel-plated mesh on electrode performance, cyclic voltammetry was performed using an electrolyte solution (7.7 M KOH) and a solution bulk temperature of 348 K. A static cell with two different electrode structures was used, with one containing the nickel-plated mesh and the other consisting of a stainless steel current feeding plate alone. Figure 6.27 shows the experiment data on the cell voltage versus current density of both electrode designs for comparison.

Nickel is an element that can be found in a wide variety of forms, including forged bars, rods, plates and sheets, castings, forgings and machined shapes. It can be produced as a pure metal, or as an alloy with other elements such as iron, cobalt, copper, silver, zinc and others. It is also available as a pure nickel ingot, pieces, pellets and discs, and in compound forms such as oxides. American Elements produces nickel in these forms, as well as in a range of other machined shapes and in powders and solutions.