New matchable conductive ceramic material Ti3AlC2

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What’s the purpose of Ti3AlC2 and how does it work? Ti3AlC2 Has oxidation resistance and self-lubrication. It also has high room temperature fracture toughness. You can use it as a high-temperature structural material, an electrode brush material, chemical anti-corrosion and high temperature heating body. They are used primarily in MXene precursor and high-temperature coating.

MAX Phase Material, Aluminium titanium carbide
Aluminum titanium carbide (MAX) is the phase. MAX phase materials have many benefits that combine ceramic and metal, such as low density and high modulus. Because of its crystal structure, the MAX phase has an enhanced elastic modulus and greater strength due to the covalent bonding between the MX and A atomic surfaces. Contrary to this, the weak binding of the MX lamelayer with the A atomic surface results in a lower shear moduleus. Continuous thickening occurs in the MAX phase. A MAX phase ceramic materials with higher modulus can be obtained through the thicknesses of MX sheets layers. The material should be high-temperature-stable and have excellent mechanical properties. A material’s ability to form dense protective oxide films in high temperature oxidation (e.g. silica) will greatly impact its antioxidant potential. Due to selective oxidation, Al can create a continuous Al2O3 protective coating during the oxidation of aluminium titan carbide (Ti3AlC2). Experimental results show that Aluminium titanium carbide, Ti3AlC2, has excellent anti-thermal cycling ability. The generated oxide film is very dense, and it combines well with the matrix. It does not peel off. Ti3SiC2’s oxide film of titanium silicon carbide is broken into two layers. One layer is TiO2, the other is TiO2 mixed with SiO2. Good matrix adhesion and tightness of the oxide film. MAX Phase’s appearance mainly includes block, powder and film. Its appearance and morphology are affected by the preparation process. You can prepare the powdered MAX Phase in a vacuum at high temperatures. The bulk MAX Phase material can also be obtained with thermal pressure (HP) or thermal isostatic (HIP). PVD is used to produce the thin-film MAX Phase material. It has been demonstrated that the MAX Phase can be produced in industrial settings. For large industrial scale production, however, pressure-free Sintering of pure Powder is better.

The cost of Ti3AlC2
There are many factors that affect the price of Ti3AlC2 pureness. Ti3AlC2 market prices are changing constantly. We are available to assist you at all times.

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