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What is Nano Silica Nano silica is a form of organic chemical substance. Amorphous white powder that is non-toxic and tasteless. It also has a flocculent quasi-granular structure.
Stable, non-soluble in water, acid, (except for hydrofluoric), and organic solvents. Soluble in alkali, hydrofluoric, and alkali. You can increase the strength, age resistance and chemical resistance by using it. It also has extraordinary special properties like light, electricity and force. SiO-Si bond determines the chemical stability and strength of SiO2. This bond is gaining more popularity in the material industry due to its exceptional properties such as being low-priced, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion resistance and good insulation.

Silica Nanoparticles, which are inorganic and non-metallic organic materials, have small sizes and a large surface area. This material is non-toxic, tasteless, and free of pollution. It has high strength, stability, and low cost. A transmission electron microscope test revealed that the nano-material has a flocculent and reticulate quasiparticle structure. Silica nanoparticles have a size range of a few nanometers up to several hundred of nanometers. The surface electron distribution, molecular arrangement and other characteristics of silica particles are quite different from macroscopic material. Many of the major characteristics of nanoparticles include light, electricity and heat as well as sound, magnetic properties and sound.

Why is Nano Silica Useful?
Paint and ink – Thickening, Thixotropy, Anti-Settlement, Increase the Hardness of the Coating, Scratch Resistance, and Other Functions
Coating: Increase fluidity and anticaking performance
Plastics, fibers, films: Reinforced, toughened, wear-resistant.
Adhesive agents: Reinforcement and thickening.
polish: High-precision Polishing of Aluminum Alloy, Sapphire, Glass, Silicon Wafer, and Other Materials
Cement: Enhancement.
The size of a textile.
Anticaking agent To prevent the base powder from drying out, to avoid caking and to maintain good flow performance.
Defoamer is characterized by excellent hydrophobicity. It also disperses well, which enhances the defoaming capability and increases efficiency.
Rubber, Strengthening the filler and improving the mechanical properties.

The use of nanosilica is also possible in ceramics, papermaking and the petroleum industry.

Nano silica Price
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity and market sentiment are also important.
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Nano silica Supplier
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