Micro-porous PVC-SiO2 Separator for Gelled Lead-acid Battery

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PVC-SiO2 separators are also called wet-process PVC separators, which are mainly used in valve-controlled sealed lead-acid gel batteries. PVC-SiO2 separator has higher porosity than sintered PVC separator, more ideal pore size distribution, better puncture resistance and better compressive strength and stronger toughness than glass fiber separators. It has better oxidation resistance and chemical stability than polyethylene PE separator.

PVC-SiO2 separator properties:

1. The maximum pore size is small and the porosity is high, so that the PVC-SiO2 separator can easily retain the electrolyte, has a very high liquid absorption rate and a faster penetration rate, which can effectively enhance the retention of active materials and prolong the battery life.
2. The wet elasticity is strong, which can stably provide electrolyte for the plate and keep the ion conduction unblocked.

3. Strong liquid transfer ability can effectively prevent the “acid stratification” phenomenon in the battery.

4. Based on glass fiber. Incorporating a certain amount of organic fibers enhances the tensile strength of the PVC-SiO2 separator and optimizes other performance indicators.

PVC-SiO2 separator applications in the battery:

1. In order to reduce the internal resistance and volume of the battery, the positive and negative plates should be as close as possible but not in contact with each other and short-circuit, so an insulating separator is added between the adjacent positive and negative plates. The PVC-SiO2 separator should have porosity for the electrolyte to penetrate, and should have good acid and alkali resistance. Separator materials include wood, microporous rubber, microporous plastic, and resin-impregnated paper.

2. The battery separator serves as the carrier of the sulfuric acid electrolyte in the battery, and shares all the sulfuric acid required for the rated capacity of the battery in the lean state with the electrode plate. This requires the separator itself to have sufficient capacity for absorbing sulfuric acid, and it also requires the battery design to leave enough space for the separator and select an appropriate amount of the separator.

3. In order to improve the sealing reaction efficiency of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, the PVC-SiO2 separator should be able to provide enough oxygen channels when the battery is charged, so that the oxygen precipitated from the positive plate can pass through the separator to the negative plate, and be converted into water to realize oxygen. cycle. This requires the separator to have a reasonable microporous structure, and it also requires that the appropriate separator acid saturation is determined during the battery design.

4. In the valve-regulated lead-acid battery, the separator has the function of preventing the active material of the electrode plate from falling off and the electrode plate from deforming, which will prolong the service life of the battery. This requires that the separator itself has a small shrinkage after the injection of sulfuric acid, and it also requires the separator to be under a higher pressure during the design of the battery.

5. The resistance of the battery separator and the resistance formed at the contact with the plate are part of the internal resistance of the battery. This requires the separator itself to have a low resistivity, and it also requires the separator to be under a higher pressure when the battery is designed. Thus, the PVC-SiO2 separator is in close contact with the pole plate, and the resistance formed at the contact point is reduced.

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