Do you know the properties of europium oxide and dysprosium oxide?

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What is the dysprosium oxid? Dysprosium oxide Dy2O3 has the chemical compound Dy2O3 as its formula. The white powder, which is slightly hygroscopic absorbs carbon dioxide easily when exposed to air. It turns into dysprosium acetate. Magnetism can be many times more powerful than high iron oxide. It is soluble in acid and ethanol. Mainly used in lighting sources.
What are the effects of dysprosium Oxide?
It is also used in the production of dysprosium, glass, and permanent magnets made from neodymium ferroboron. Also, it is used for atomic energy and metal halide lamp production. Dysprosium can be added to neodymium, iron and boron permanent magnetic materials. Dysprosium oxide can be added to this magnet to increase its coercivity. The demand for Dysprosium has increased dramatically. Dysprosium Oxide is also used to prepare dysprosium metallic, as an addition for glass and neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnets.

Introduction to Europium Oxide
Europium Oxide This powder is pale red. The relative densities is 7.42. The melting temperature is 2002 degrees. Insoluble in acid, but soluble with water. It can absorb both carbon dioxide and water from the air.

How to make the europium dioxide
Extraction Method: Take the solution of rare earth chloride, obtained by processing mixed or monazite rare earth ore. Extraction with P204-kerosene-HCL-ReCl3 system, the first grouping of neodymium and samarium, the raffinate is used to extract light rare earth, samarium and heavy rare earth are extracted into the organic phase, and then the middle rare earth are back-extracted with 2.0mg/L HCl to obtain a medium After the rare earth samarium enrichment is reduced by zinc powder, europium is extracted by the alkalinity method and then precipitated with oxalic acid, separated, dried, and burned to obtain europium oxide.

Is europium oxide toxic?
The salts derived from rare earth elements have the ability to deactivate prothrombin by reducing its content, inhibiting the production of thrombin. It can also precipitate fibrinogen as well as catalyze phosphoric acid compound degradation. The toxicity decreases with increasing atomic weight. Gas masks are required to be worn when working. Radioactivity requires special protection. It is important to prevent dust from spreading.

Storage of Dysprosium Oxide and Europium Oxide
The product should be kept in a sealed, dry, cool environment and not exposed. Moreover, it is best to avoid using heavy pressure when transporting the item.

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