Copper II Sulfate Pentahydrate Melting Point

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copper ii sulfate pentahydrate melting point

A bright blue, crystalline solid with a pentahydrate structure (n = 5), which is exothermically soluble in water. It is a common hydrate of copper(II) sulfate, which is a metal sulfate with the chemical formula CuSO4.

The hydrate forms an aquo complex, [Cu(H2O)6]2+, with octahedral molecular geometry. The hydrate is also known as blue vitriol, Roman vitriol, and bluestone.

HS Code: 29353. Description:

Product Description:
The test substance is a product used for disinfection of clothing in industrial washing units, where the presence of the copper2+ ion can exert a biocidal effect. It is incorporated in a solution which is added to the rinse water of the machine before the final rinse cycle.

In-use concentration: 2 mg/l.

In-use concentration is determined using reverse reference scenarios to assess the maximum in-use concentration of copper sulfate pentahydrate that results in an acceptable level of risk for human health and the environment.

Reproductive endpoint: No evidence of effects on the fertility potential of either male or female rats at the highest dose tested.

Other endpoint: No evidence of adverse effects on the growth or development of rat and mouse tissues at the lowest dose tested.

Physicochemical properties: A moderately water and acid soluble Sodium source for uses compatible with sulfates, and inorganic and organic solutions, especially for copper and nickel sulfate compounds.

Solubility: 31.6 g/100 mL at 0@C and 203.3 g/100 mL at 100@C.

This hydrate is a very important component of Bordeaux and Burgundy mixtures, which are used to control algae growth on farms and in soils. It is also the main ingredient of a number of products for septic systems.