Colloidal Silver – The New Silver Solution

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Silver is getting its renaissance as a multi-purpose natural antimicrobial that kills bacteria and viruses without harming your own good germs or destroying your healthy gut flora. In fact, research shows that silver is just as effective as antibiotics against MRSA and other superbugs.

It is also a powerful natural fungicide that can be used on fruit trees, vegetables and flowers to prevent fungal diseases such as blight and leaf curl. It is the safest alternative to chemical fungicides on the market today.

Colloidal Silver is made using electrolysis to suspend tiny particles of metallic silver in a liquid base. It is sold as a dietary supplement or homeopathic remedy to treat various ailments and infections. The silver ions kill bacteria by breaching their cell membranes and causing them to dehydrate. The size, shape and concentration of the silver particles in the solution determine how effectively they work against different types of bacteria.

Manufacturers of colloidal silver products make a wide range of health claims on their product labels. They often claim that their products can boost your immune system, fight off toxins, viruses and fungi, and are even effective cures for cancer, AIDS, Lyme disease and shingles. In many cases, these claims are unsubstantiated and the FDA has taken action against some manufacturers for making improper health claims.