Boron Tube Nanotubes for Pressure Gauges

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boron tube is used in pressure gauges and is available in three forms: C-type, spiral, and helical. Each type has a different maximum deflection at the free end of the gauge. For pressures up to 6000 bar, a C-type tube has an arc with a diameter of 25 mm that is proportional to the measured pressure. This gives moderate levels of measurement accuracy, but for greater pressures, the helical or spiral tube types offer a larger deflection at the free end.

We report the successful synthesis of pure boron nitride (BN) nanotubes with diameters on the order of 1 to 3 nanometers and lengths up to 200 nanometers. The BN tubes were produced in a carbon-free plasma discharge between a BN-packed tungsten rod and a cooled copper electrode. The BN tube samples were subjected to thermally annealed conditions in order to understand their structural stability and degradation mode. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy revealed that the BN tubes exhibited a typical rhombohedral-like ordering in their layer stacking. Energy dispersive spectroscopy measurements showed that the BN tubes contained nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), and nickel (Ni) elements.

The characterization of the boron tubes at the nanoscale level enables a comprehensive understanding of their structural stability and degradation mode in high temperature environments. The BNNTs were subjected to a thermal annealing process at 1000 degC and displayed good thermal stability. Energy dispersive spectroscopy characterization inside the TEM recorded the presence of peaks corresponding to N, O, and Ni elements.