Boron Isotopes

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Boron Isotopes

– Trace Sciences International is the world’s leading supplier of enriched stable boron isotopes.
– Stable isotopes have many applications in the fields of paleoclimatology, archaeology, and forensics.
– These isotopes can be used to study the ancient climate and food supply of animals and plants.
– Boron isotopes are also widely used in the nuclear industry.
– The boron isotopes B-10 and B-11 are used as chemical shims in pressurized water reactors and as sodium pentaborate for standby liquid control systems in boiling water reactors.
– B-11 is also used as a neutron reflector in the nuclear industry.
– Outside the nuclear sector, both B-10 and B-11 are used as food labels to study boron metabolism.

B-10 and B-11 are both suitable for NMR measurement because their nuclear electric quadrupole moments, Q, are very modest (Q(10B) = 8.459 fm2 and Q(11B) = 4.059 fm2).

Mass discrimination effects in ICP-QMS

A common problem when using an argon plasma ionization source is the superimposed interference of the ions of other boron isotopes on the analysis. In this case, the mass discrimination effect can reduce the accuracy of analysis values and it is important to monitor the superimposed ion peaks.