Atlas MMO Resource – Iridium Ingot

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iridium ingot is one of the rarest and most valuable Metal Resources in Atlas MMO Game. It is obtained by compressing Iridium Shards and is used in the manufacture of Iridium Plate and Jetpack Attachment Plate.

Iridium is a metal that is part of the platinum group, and has many desirable properties including its extreme corrosion resistance, high density, and second highest modulus of elasticity edged out by osmium. It is also the most expensive of the group, with a price per gram that is almost twice as high as gold.

It is a rare resource that can be found in the Overworld and End Cities as Iridium Shards. These can be compressed into Iridium Ore using a Pulverizer, Macerator or Industrial Grinder.

In addition to being used as a component in Iridium Plates, this can also be used to create Iridium Alloy Ingots. This is a late-game resource that is required to upgrade some items and armor, such as the Quantum Armor.

Getting iridium ingot is a bit tricky because this resource is not generated by default in the world, and requires Tinkers’ Construct to be installed. There are two good sources of iridium ingots: Firstly, you can get a lot by putting Sheldonite Ore into the Pulverizer or Industrial Grinder as it has a high Iridium content.

Alternatively, you can obtain iridium ore by mining iridium nodes in the Skull Cavern or the Slime Hutch. These have a chance to drop Iridium Ore and Bars, as well as Purple Slimes which can only be slain in the Skull Cavern.