Applications of Titanium Diboride Powder

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titanium diboride powder

The high hardness and resistance to chemical attack of titanium diboride makes it ideal for armor components, especially for ballistic armor. It also offers superior oxidation stability and wear resistance.

TiB2 is a ceramic compound that is synthesised by carbothermal reduction of titanium and boron oxides with a reducing metal (such as magnesium or niobium). It is a non-oxide and one of the most stable borides in chemistry.

Application to Prepare Composite Ceramic Products:

The melting point of titanium diboride is 2980degC, and it has high hardness, oxidation resistance, and stability in HCl or HF acid. It is used to prepare multi-element ceramic components, such as crucibles for molten metal, and aluminum electrolysis’ cathode materials. It is also a good fortifier for A1, Fe, and other metal materials.

Applications to Manufacture Electrolytic Cell Emitter:

The oxidation stability, high strength and conductive properties of titanium diboride make it an excellent choice for aluminum electrolysis’ cathode. It can provide an effective and economical solution for the alumina-to-aluminum electrochemical reduction process. It is suitable for all kinds of electric materials and it can extend the life of the electrolytic cell.

This process produces a highly reactive sub-micron titanium diboride powder with variable crystallinity. The degree of crystallineness is dependent upon the pH of the leaching solution, and the boron and magnesium oxide content of the reaction mixture. It is also dependent on the rate of cooling after ignition. It is important to avoid localized sintering, and to quickly quench the reaction product.