An Important Structural Ceramic Material Silicon Nitride Powder

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Silicon nitride Powder Inorganic substance Si3N4 has the chemical formula. This is an important ceramic structural material, with high hardness.

Silicon Nitride Properties:

Powdered silicon nitride can be gray, off-white or white. It is a compound with a melting point of zero and possesses remarkably high resistance to high temperature creep. The load softening of reactive sintered Silicon Nitride without a Binder is above 1850degC.
It has two hexagonal crystalline structures, a and B. Its decomposition is 1850degC when exposed to 110MPa of nitrogen and 1800degC with air. The powder is characterized by a low thermal coefficient and a high thermal conductivity.

Other than hydrofluoric acid or hot phosphoric, silicon nitride has a high corrosion resistance.

Silicon Nitride Application:

Due to its excellent properties, silicon nitride is often used in the manufacture of bearings. Other mechanical components, such as turbine blades or mechanical seal rings are also made from this material. The heating surfaces of engine parts can be made from silicon nitride materials, which resist high temperatures and are difficult to transfer heat.

The material silicon nitride, which is a refractory of high quality, is widely used. SI3N4 refractory material is used for blast furnace body, and other parts with sic. It is also used with BN in SI3N4 BN material to create horizontal continuous casting separator rings. SI3N4 BN horizontal continuous cast separation ring has a fine-structured ceramic material, with a uniform structure and remarkably high mechanical strength.

Silicon nitride can be used as a ceramic material for high temperature engineering components, advanced materials in metallurgical industries, sealing and anti-corrosion materials in chemical industries, cutting and tooling in machining industries, etc.

The silicon nitride used for ultra-high temperatures gas turbines, aircraft, electric heaters, etc. can also be found in solar cells.

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