Advantages of Aluminum Nitride Sheet

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Aluminum nitride is a technical ceramic material that offers a very interesting combination of high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. These characteristics make it predestined for applications in power electronics, LED lighting technology, and other microelectronics. It is also a good choice as a circuit carrier substrate in semiconductors and as a heat-sink.

It is a very hard white or grey ceramic material with excellent comprehensive properties such as thermal conductivity, heat radiation, and electric insulation. It is widely used in the semiconductor application industry as a substitute for Beryllium Oxide (BeO) due to the fact that AlN is non-toxic and does not produce dangerous vapors when grinded or machined. Additionally, it has a coefficient of thermal expansion that is compatible with silicon, making it an ideal material for electronic device substrates and packaging.

Unlike most group III-nitride semiconductors, AlN has a wide direct bandgap and a large thermal conductivity, making it an attractive material for electronic devices that require fast and efficient energy transfer. This is especially true in devices that operate at high speeds and/or high power levels. AlN’s wurtzite crystal structure is non-centrosymmetric, resulting in spontaneous polarization that can be exploited to induce a high density of free carriers at heterostructure interfaces without the need for intentional doping.

Due to its high-temperature resistance, AlN is also used as a heat shield in the aerospace industry and as a crucible for OLED manufacturing. It is also known as the best alternative for BeO in high-brightness LED applications because of its superior performance. However, it is important to note that the surface of AlN is prone to oxidation, which can lead to damage if not properly treated.