Why Choose a Copper Cylinder?

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Copper is a very effective material when it comes to heat retention and this allows hot water cylinders to be manufactured in a wide range of heights, diameters and connection positions for various installation options. It also makes a great material for heating elements, offering a superior level of conductivity when it comes to the transfer of heat to the contents of a hot water cylinder. Its antibacterial properties may help to reduce the risks of bacteria like E.coli and Legionella entering the domestic hot water system. This is a huge benefit when it comes to the safety of using your hot water.

The majority of our cylinders are manufactured from copper and are sold as vented cylinders with the option of an external cold water header tank. These are ideally suited to homes that are unable or do not wish to install a fully pumped central heating system but have a high demand for hot water from multiple taps such as those with powerful showers.

These cylinders are designed to work in conjunction with a pumped boiler and central heating system where the hot water is heated by a large bore heat exchanger within the boiler. They are available as direct cylinders, indirect cylinders or as combination cylinders which offer mains pressure hot water via the heat exchanger (as on a pumped system) but with the thermal store keeping the volume of the cylinder vented to atmosphere.

We also manufacture a number of stainless steel open vented cylinders which can be supplied with an immersion heater installed as part of the package. These are ideally suited for use with gas or oil boilers. When paired with Gledhill’s industry leading 35mm EnviroFoam Stainless Steel insulation, these cylinders can achieve the same low standing heat loss as copper whilst promising a much longer lifespan than traditional copper cylinders.