What is Nano Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder?

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Introduction toNano Iron Oxide Powder

Iron dioxide


ferric oxide

This is a type of inorganic material, and its chemical composition is Fe3O4. It is a black crystal that has magnetic properties. This makes it also known as magnetic iron dioxide. Iron oxide is insoluble when mixed with water, alkali solution or ethanol. The natural ferricoxide is insoluble in acid solutions. It can also be oxidized to ferricoxide (Fe2O3) under humid conditions. It is often used in polish and pigmentation as well as for the manufacture of audiotapes, telecommunications equipment and other related products.

Ferric oxide has ferromagnetic property and is called “ferromagnetic particles” if the particle radius exceeds the nanometer scale.

Powder of nano ferricoxide (Fe3O4)

Magnetic and capable of generating directional movement in the external magnet field. It exhibits superparamagnetism if its particle size falls within a specified range. In the external alternating electromagnetic fields, it can produce heat. It exhibits stable chemical performance.

Physicochemical properties of Nano Iron Oxide powder

Black Fe3O4 an iron mixed-valence oxide with a melting temperature of 1597, and a density 5.18g/cm3. It is insoluble with water but easily soluble in acid. It can be found as magnetite in nature.

Fe3O4 can be produced when an iron wire is heated in oxygen.

Iron reacts with oxygen to form oxides on its surface. However, the oxide film is not uniformly made. Three oxide films can cover a piece low carbon steel: the metal contact FeO forms, while the air Fe2O3 contacts, and then the middle is Fe3O4. Instead, it could be a mixture or saturated solid solutions of three different oxides that forms the oxide film.

However, oxide film thickness can vary according to environmental conditions. At room temperature the oxide thickness of relatively pure Iron in dry air is less than 20 angstroms. The oxide film thickness in humid air increases and can be observed as rust spots. The oxide layer stratifies at this point, with a dense, anhydrous, porous layer on one side and a thin, porous layer on another.

Iron reacts to water vapor to make Fe3O4 (and hydrogen).

Fe3O4 has anti-corrosion properties. One way to get the blue of iron or steel parts (also known by burning blue and baking bleu) is to use an oxidation of alkaline oxygenizing solution to form a layer on iron or steel parts of Fe3O4 of dark blue or blue-black Fe3O4 films. This will increase corrosion resistance, beauty and luster.

Nano Iron Oxide Powder Properties
Other Names magnetic black, fenosoferric oxide, ferro ferric oxide, ferrosoferric oxide, Fe3O4
CAS No. 1317-61-9
Formula compound Fe3O4
Molecular Weight 233.53
Appearance black powder
Melting Point 1597degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.8-5.1g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Mass 231.784471

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder CAS 1317-61-9

Nano Iron Oxide powder preparation

A large amount of literature has been published on nano-Fe3O4 preparation since 2013. However, some new methods have also been developed. The most common methods for Fe3O4 are the precipitation, hydrothermal (solvothermal), micro emulsification and sol-gel. The focus is shifting to new methods of preparation, including the microwave, pyrolytic carbyl pre-body, ultrasonic, pyrolytic decrease method, pyrolytic reduction way, and polyol reduce method. There have been many breakthroughs in the production of Fe3O4 through new surfactants or preparation systems. SDS, PEG CTAB and CTAB are not the only surfactants that have been developed. NSOCMCS has also reported polyacrylamide as a modifier. Ethanol and water system; n – propanol and water system; propylene glycol and water system.

Nano Iron Oxide powder has many applications

It is a multifunctional magnet material.

nano ferric oxide

This has been used widely in tumor treatment, medical, and other fields. You can use it in the following:

Useful as edible melanin

It is used as an analysis reagent in the pharmaceutical, pigment preparation, electronic, and other industries.

It is used as the primary raw material in ammonia catalyst

It is used in the production of oil color, watercolor, and ink. The coating industry is responsible for the production of primers and anti-rust paint. Construction of cement floor coloring and artificial marble. The electronics and telecommunications industries use magnetic steel as a cathodeplate for alkaline dry cell. It is used to detect flaws in steel during machine building.

It can be used to color capsule icing or tablet coloring.

Useful for coloring coatings, plastic, and building surfaces.

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nano iron oxide powder

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