What is Lithium Stearate?

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What is lithium-stearate? lithium stearate (C17H35COOLi) is a lithium salt stearic acid. It is one of the most popular metal soaps. This is a colorless and almost insoluble powder that melts in water and alcohol at 220 degrees Celsius. It is used mainly in the manufacture of greases and waxes. The resulting grease is stable at temperatures upto 150°C and can be lubricated even down to -20°C. This was the largest use of lithium metal before the invention of lithium-ion cells.

For pencils, small amounts of lithium Stearate can be used. This compound is very toxic when given orally. It is therefore used in cosmetics.

What purpose is lithium stearate useful for?

It is used as an all-purpose grease to offer high water resistance. Lithium Stearate can be used at both high- and low temperatures. This makes it a versatile product that is used in many industries such as the automotive industry, heavy machinery industry, and the aerospace industry. The general-purpose grease lithium stearate also serves as a stabilizer in cosmetics and plastics. This compound is also a corrosion inhibitor in petroleum because of its properties.

Here are the applications of lithium stearate.

It can be used as an oil thickener in natural synthetic oils.

It makes it possible to make lightweight metal molds.

It is a thicker, finer grease that is ideal for high-temperature applications.

It can raise the melting point of microcrystalline wax and increase its elasticity.

It is more resistant than other sodium and potassium soaps to losing consistency because of its higher melting point (22degC vs 140degC).

It resists corrosion and rust well.

Lithium stearate is water-repellent but works well in all other environments.

This sealant is excellent.

What is lithium grease?

The invention of lithium grease occurred in the 1940s. It’s made of lithium hydroxide reacting in fatty acids. Modern lithium soaps are made from 12HSA (or triglyceride), and lithium hydroxide monohydrate in base liquids.

Grease is one the oldest lubricants that humans have used, dating back to 1400BC. It is a lubricant that reduces friction and acts as a seal. More than 90% use grease as alubricant.

It could be either mineral oil, synthetic fluid, or a combination of both. There are many fats that can be used to make lithium soap. The preferred oils are 12HSA (12 hydrogenated castor oil), and HCO (12 hydrogenated castor oil). Perhaps the most versatile multi-purpose grease ever invented is lithium 12-hydroxy stearate grease.

The water resistance of lithium grease is excellent (not as good than calcium), and it has excellent mechanical or thermal stability. The continuous operating temperature is 130°C (266°F), with a drop point of between 190 and 200°C. It is the most preferred bearing grease in almost every industrial field.

Lithium Stearate powder price

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Lithium Stearate Pulverizer

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