What is Covfefe Magnetic?

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When President Trump tweeted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, it sent a ripple across the internet and into the real world. While many figured the misspelled word was just an innocent mistake, others were convinced that Trump meant for it to have a deeper meaning. Some even believed that it was a brand new word invented by the commander in chief himself.

The confusion over what covfefe means has led to some creative interpretations of the obscure phrase, including a secret code and an antidote to 5G signals. But will it ever have a true meaning? We may never know for sure, but this week has been a fun one for those who like deciphering obscure words and trying to discover their hidden meanings.

While some people have decided that covfefe is simply an ordinary misspelling, others have taken it upon themselves to decipher the new word and uncover its mysterious secrets. Whether it’s a joke, a conspiracy theory, or just a way to show off their Scrabble skills, these people have come up with some truly creative translations of the new phrase.

Chemists have also been hard at work attempting to figure out what covfefe actually means. They soon discovered that it’s a brand-new molecule composed of cobalt (Co), vanadium (V), and iron (Fe). This new molecule is known by various linear formulas such as CoVFeFe, VCoFe, and FECoV. It’s also known that it has a beautiful blue glow when placed under the microscope.