What is Copper Oxide CuO Used For?

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What is Copper Oxide CuO? Copper Oxide Is a form of inorganic, chemical Formula CuO. This is a copper black oxide, slightly bisexual and slightly hydrophobic. Insoluble in water, ethanol, and soluble with acid. It is stable to heat, decomposition, and insoluble in ethanol. Copper oxide is used in the production of rayon, ceramics and glaze, enamel, batteries, petroleum derulfurizer, insecticide, and for other purposes such as hydrogen production, catalyst, or green glass.

What’s Copper Oxide CuO used for?
Copper oxide (II), a key product of copper mining is the starting point to produce other copper salts. Many wood preservatives, for example, are made of copper oxide.
Copper oxide can be used as a glaze pigment in ceramics, producing blue, red and green glazes, as well pink and grey glazes.
It is often mistakenly used as an animal feed dietary supplement. Because of its low bioactivity, copper absorption is minimal.
Use copper alloy for welding
Copper oxide electrodes made up part of an original battery type, the Edison-Lalande. You can also find copper oxide in lithium battery types.
Useful as a medium colorant in blue-flame compositions containing additional chlorine donors, oxidants, such as perchlorates or chlorates. It can be used with metallic fuels, such as aluminum, magnesium powder, and magnesium, as a glitteroxidizer if oxygen is present. It is often used in stroboscopic effects as well as thermite compositions to produce a crackling star effect.

How to get copper oxide from waste battery materials?
Graphite can easily be separated from copper using lithium battery anode material. Copper oxide can also be obtained by processing.
After the waste battery is removed, open the case and treat the core of the battery with alkali-leaching pretreatment. Then, grind the battery core using a mill for grinding. The crushing chamber will contain large quantities of graphite, copper foil, and other parts. We then added the copper extract to water and stirred it. Finally, we added the solution for pH adjustment to the solution for copper oxide. The copper oxide solution can be heated and dried.

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