What is Boron Nitride? Is Boron Nitride Hard?

What is Boron Netride?

Boron nitride

It is a heat and chemical-resistant refractory compound made of boron, nitrogen and other elements. The chemical formula is BN.

What is Boron Nitride’s chemical characteristic?

The empirical formula to make boron-nitride (BN), is deceiving. BN is very different to other diatomic molecules, such as hydrogen chloride and carbon monoxide. Contrary to popular belief, BN has a lot of similarities with carbon. The representation of carbon as a single element C is also misleading.

Is Boron Nitride (BN) Hard?

Like carbon, BN can take many forms. The most stable structure is BN.


Has the same hexagonal structure and softness as graphite. You can also make hBN in graphene-like sheets, which can form nanotubes.

Cubic boron nitride, (cBN), is electronically similar to diamond. It is not difficult to make, but it is thermally and chemically more stable. It is also much easier to make. It is not as hard to make than diamond. An amorphous version (aBN) is also available, which is an equivalent to amorphous carb (see below).

BN is primarily a synthesized material. However, reports have indicated that there may be naturally occurring deposits. The first attempts to make pure BN date back to the early 20th Century, however, it has only been possible to commercially produce it in the last 70 years. In the 1958 patent filed by Carborundum Company, Lewiston, New York, the scientist prepared BN using boric acid (H3BO3) heated in ammonia and metal salts oxyacids such as phosphate. The molded shape. Then, mix it up and shape it.

Similar methods are being used today. They use diboron trioxide, H3BO3, or B2O3, as their nitrogen source, and either ammonia (or urea). Each synthesis method produces a somewhat impure amount of aBN. The aBN is then purified and converted to hBN by heating at temperatures higher than that used for the synthesis. For the preparation synthetic diamonds, hBN can be converted to cBN using high pressure and high temperatures.

Boron Nitride applications

Boron Nitride can be used extensively in modern industries.


Hexagonalboron nitride can be used as a lubricant in paint, cosmetics pencil lead, dental cement, and other products. Its lubricating capabilities can still play a part in vacuum systems even if there aren’t any gas or water molecules within the compound layer.

BN has a significantly higher chemical stability and conductivity than graphite.

Equipment under high-temperature environment

The compound’s exceptional heat resistance makes it suitable for applications that involve extremely high temperatures. Hexagonalboron nitride can be used to improve the lubricating characteristics of rubber, plastics alloys, ceramics, and ceramics.

Plastics can have lower thermal expansion by using BN components. It can also be integrated in semiconductor substrates or microwave oven windows.

Boron Nitride is a good ingredient for reaction vessels, crucibles and other applications due to its thermochemical capabilities.

Semiconductor Industry

The bandgap ranges between 4.5 and 6.4 eV for boron-nitride, making it an excellent widebandgap semiconductor material. It is an ideal substrate for the development and fabrication of metal oxide field-effect transistors and semiconductors due to its thermal and dielectric qualities.

Grinding and cutting tools

Because of its physical properties, cubic boron is a polymorph that can be used to abrase nickel, iron, and other alloys. It’s also suitable for use in situations not suitable for diamonds, such as extremely high temperatures. This form of cubic boron is used in grinding and cutting tools.

Boron Nitride price

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