Titanium Mesh Sheet – ASTM B265 Specified

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titanium mesh sheet, expandded and stamped from commercial pure titanium sheet – ASTM B265 Specified

The titanium sheet used to produce the titanium mesh is expanded & stamped by hand. This provides a dimensional look to the finished titanium mesh product. Depending on the opening and sheet thickness, the final titanium mesh sheet may be thicker than the original titanium sheet, but this will still be a very thin material.

Uses for titanium mesh:

Surgical implant applications, bone regeneration and augmentation, tissue grafting (including autologous and heterologous), sinus floor elevation, dental implant insertion, bone resorption and vascularization.

Advantages of titanium membranes:

Nonresorbable and nontoxic, with a high bone regeneration rate and minimal follow-up time. The pore structure of titanium mesh permits blood support to both the mucosa and the bone during the regeneration phase. It also allows for a more efficient and effective space-making effect during the grafting process.

Bone regeneration with titanium mesh:

Regeneration of atrophic sites, especially in complex cases, is a challenging procedure that requires a precise technique to avoid soft tissue dehiscence and the exposure of the titanium mesh. The titanium mesh provides a physical barrier to prevent migration of epithelial cells and fibroblasts into the defect, which enables the osteoprogenitor cells to reach the site. Moreover, the mesh is flexible and thereby reduces the risk of soft tissue dehiscence. The pore size of the titanium mesh also plays an important role in facilitating fibrous tissue ingrowth and bone regeneration.