Titanium Foil Sheet and Nanotubules

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titanium foil sheet is a thin strip or coil of titanium material with a thickness of 0.1mm or less. This product is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, and can be manufactured to specific customer requirements. Titanium foil is used in a wide range of projects, from loudspeakers to precision accessories to bone implants. The metal is also popular in razors, although these are made from steel with a titanium coating.

We investigated the impact of different titanium foil thicknesses on the formation of TiO2 nanotubules (NTs) during anodization and their adhesion to titanium, using a variety of characterization techniques. The 30 mm and 100 mm samples were characterized for their morphological properties, optical properties and photocatalytic activity by measuring the degradation of caffeine and photocatalytic efficiency. The 100 mm sample exhibited the least cracked TiO2 NT layer surface, which allowed for strong adhesion to titanium.

The morphological characteristics of the TiO2 NTs from all four samples were investigated using field emission gun scanning electron microscopy (FEG-SEM). The 50 and 100 mm samples showed a variety of rolling patterns, scratches, and markings on the surfaces of their NT layers. The NT layer of the 100 mm sample, however, exhibited very few cracks and short NTs. The NT layer of the 30 mm sample, on the other hand, displayed numerous cracks and longer NTs.

Backscatter imaging and EBSD analyses showed that the TiO2 NT layer of the 100 mm sample has a strong texture associated with tensile twinning. The 30 mm sample shows a more disorganized structure, with fewer twinning features.