The Property And Preparation of Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder

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Manganese Oxide and its Properties

The chemical formula of manganese oxide Its molecular weight (157.88) is Mn2O3. The black cubic crystal has a relative densities of 4.50. Manganese oxide does not dissolve in water, acetic or ammonium chloride solutions, but is soluble with other inorganic acids.
Manganese oxide is a brown solution when it dissolves in hydrochloric or nitric acids. The solution turns red in concentrated sulfuric, dilute sulfuric, or hot dilute sulfuric. The two main forms are a-Mn2O3 (the brown solution) and gMn2O3 (the red solution).

The Methods for Preparing Manganese oxide

Preparation a-Mn2O3
a-Mn2O3 may be further oxidized, reduced by manganese oxychloride or prepared by heating divalent manganese salts in the air to 600-800degC. The simplest method is to heat manganese oxide or b-MnO2 at 650degC until it reaches a constant mass. If manganese is to be used as raw material for a product, the hexahydrate must first be heated to 190degC, and then crushed, before heating it to 650degC.

Preparation g-Mn2O3
To 350 mL solution containing 2.2g manganese-sulfate-tetrahydrate under vigorous stirring 34 mL hydrogen peroxide was added dropwise. This was followed by 50mL ammonia 0.2mol*dm-3 to form gMnO (OH). Heat is used to quickly boil the dark brown, or black, suspension emitting oxygen. After boiling for four minutes, filter the solid, wash with 1.5L of warm water, then put it into a vacuum desiccator, with phosphorus pentoxide below 100. This gMnOOH was carefully dehydrated under reduced pressure at 250degC for 3days to produce gMn2O3. Additionally, g -MnO2 is heated at 500degC and reduced pressure for 78 hours to prepare g -Mn2O3.

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