The Gold Pellet From Perfect Products

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The Gold Pellet from Perfect Products is a bit of a high-end equine calming miracle worker. As its name suggests, it is made of 100% kiln dried sawdust. A recent five-year study has shown that it fares well when compared to the competition. Among other things, it’s easy to administer and delivers a solid squib. And it’s one of the most popular equine supplements in the business, thanks to a savvy marketing campaign.

It is also one of the few equine supplements that is designed to be a complement to the traditional diet of grains. For example, it can be fed with chaff or organic minerals. Depending on the equine’s needs, it’s appropriate to feed it two to three times a day.

In short, the gold pellet ain’t a bad ole’ fashioned supplement to put on your horse’s menu. Having used it for the past five years, I can attest to the product’s reliability. Moreover, it’s a squishy, not to mention an elegant and classy looking bauble. So, if you’re in the market for a new mate, be sure to check out the Gold Pellet from Perfect Products. With the right combination of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, your horse can look its best.

Of course, if you’re a realist, the gold pellet from Perfect Products won’t be a part of your equine’s diet for long. Fortunately, you can buy it in bulk so you can stock up and save. The aforementioned study showed that its average cost per dose is a fraction of the standard equine formulas.

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