Metal Oxide Waterproofing for Concrete

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To prevent water penetration, a variety of methods are used to waterproof concrete. These include a number of positive side technologies, including sheet membranes, and negative-side technologies such as catalyzed metallic treatments.

Catalyzed metallic treatments are formulated using clean commercial pulverized cast iron mixed with a chemical oxidizing agent. When applied to below grade interior spaces, such as elevator pits, these crystalline materials form a permanent waterproof system.

Crystalline admixtures are a proven, low-cost way to waterproof concrete, especially with concrete mixes that contain high amounts of cement. They increase strength and decrease crack widths.

They can also help address special design conditions, such as cisterns and elevator pits, by helping to seal openings in the concrete or to create a waterproofing barrier within the concrete itself.

Integral crystalline admixtures are also less costly than traditional membrane systems because they can be shipped in dissolvable, pulpable bags that are added during the mixing process, which increases construction efficiency. They are also easier to handle, as they can be easily dissolved or blended into the concrete mix.

VOLTEX (R) Membrane

This dependable, self-adhering waterproofing membrane is the first choice of many contractors. It is lightweight and durable, withstands a wide range of environmental conditions, outperforms other solutions for precast concrete construction, and offers exceptional performance in both hydrostatic and nonhydrostatic situations.

VOLTEX is a prepackaged, air-cure, nonshrink hydraulic cement formulated to stop leaks in concrete and masonry surfaces. It develops 4700-psi compressive strength in 28 days and is rated to resist hydrostatic pressure. It is available in a variety of colors and textured finishes, able to be layered to meet your application requirements.