Lithium Stearate

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lithium stearate is a fatty acid salt of lithium hydroxide prepared by the reaction of lithium hydroxide with cooking tallow or other animal fats. It is a lubricating grease thickener and a stabilizing agent in cosmetics and plastics industries.

Typical uses: In lubricating greases (including greases with sodium, barium and calcium soaps) used in the automotive industry, heavy machinery, aerospace and marine industries as well as in the formulation of cosmetics and personal care products such as eye shadow, blusher and lipstick. It also is a stabilizer in the plastic industry and a corrosion inhibitor in petroleum.

General properties:

It is a white solid soft material with a greasy odor. It is used as a lubricating grease thickener in high temperature applications where its higher melting point and elasticity boosts the performance of microcrystalline waxes and paraffin.

Other Uses:

lithium stearate can be used in the manufacture of light weight metal moldings, as a grease thickener and as a stabilizer for cosmetics and plastics. It can be formulated to meet demand for size and density, according to production process and industry.

Chemical name: LiO2C (CH2) 16CH3

Formulation and application:
It is a lubricating grease thickener with a higher melting point than conventional sodium or potassium soaps (drop point of 180 deg C as compared to 140 deg C). Its resistance to loss of consistency and leakage, excellent anti-rust and corrosion characteristics make it one of the best lubricants in the market. Its resistance to water, as compared with other types of greases, makes it an ideal choice in the transportation and industrial sectors.