Iron (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate Formula

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Iron (II) Sulfate Heptahydrate is a moderately water-soluble iron source that is commonly used in the manufacture of ink. It is also used as a fortifier in various feed additives. In addition to being a food additive, it is used in pharmaceutical production.

Ferrous sulfate can be a powerful reducing agent, but it is corrosive. When exposed to moist air, it rapidly oxidizes to a yellow-brown basic iron salt. Because of its reducing power, it is often used in wastewater treatment.

It is also a raw material for the manufacture of iron oxide pigment and sulfuric acid. The solution can be used as a preservative or disinfectant. Agricultural use of ferrous sulfate includes fertilization and alkalinization of soil.

In addition, iron (II) sulfate is used to manufacture titanium dioxide. In fact, it is the raw material for the manufacture of iron catalysts. Moreover, it is a reducing agent in electroplating factories, printing factories, and pesticide factories.

Historically, iron sulfate was used as a dye fixative in textiles. This was one of two methods for applying indigo to cloth. However, in the 18th century, the China blue process was developed. Using this method, indigo was reduced to leuco-indigo in a bath of iron sulfate. Between baths, indigo was reoxidized to indigo in the air.

Today, ferrous sulfate is used as a reducing agent, as a fertilizer, and as a trace element nutrient. It is also used as a local astringent and a modifier for alkaline soil.

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