Iodine and Calcium Periodate

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Calcium is one of the alkaline earth elements and is a critical component of teeth, bones and shells. It is used in a variety of industrial processes, as an alloying agent for metals like aluminum and beryllium, and it is an essential mineral required by many organisms.

Food Additives

A wide range of compounds containing calcium salts are used as food additives or processing aids for a number of purposes including dough conditioners, pH adjusters, antioxidants, preservatives and thickeners. Some of these calcium salts can be dissolved in water and added directly to foods for this purpose, while others must be mixed with a base before adding them.

For instance, tofu set with calcium sulfate contains a higher concentration of calcium than regular tofu (Table 3).

Uses and Dosage

Iodine is an important mineral for horses as it helps synthesize thyroid hormones which are necessary to regulate metabolic processes. Iodine is also essential for healthy skin and eyes, immune system function, and bone growth. It can be found in various natural sources such as milk, sea kelp and oysters.

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