Formula For Beryllium Nitride

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Beryllium nitride (Be3N2) is a compound of beryllium and nitrogen. It is used in refractories and in nuclear reactors. However, it is very toxic and can cause a variety of severe health problems.

Beryllium nitride is a relatively reactive material and is easy to decompose into ammonia and beryllium. This is because it has a very strong base and a weak acid. In addition, it reacts with halogens and soluble beryllium compounds.

Beryllium nitride has been used in some high temperature refractories. It is also used in some special ceramic materials. It is produced by heating beryllium metal powder with dry nitrogen in an oxygen-free atmosphere. The beryllium nitride is then dissolved into a solution with a strong base.

Beryllium nitride can be stored in an airtight container and shipped by air or sea. However, it is important to keep in mind that it can be very dangerous when inhaled or when it comes in contact with the skin.

Inhalation of beryllium can result in serious health effects, including acute irritation, respiratory distress, kidney damage, and death. However, it can be prevented by wearing protective clothing, a self-contained breathing apparatus, and a local exhaust ventilation system.

Moreover, hepatic enzymes, transaminases, and hemoglobin levels were significantly changed after beryllium exposure. Using chelating agents restored these altered enzymes and lessened hepatic lesions.

Although beryllium is an element of the Periodic Table, it is very rare in the earth’s crust. Several people have been injured by it.

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