Copper Coil Formula

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copper coil formula is an excellent tool for determining the proper wire tension to be used when winding a specific size of copper wire. The values below are “normal maximum recommended” and are based on past experience and may vary from the actual required tension depending on the project specifications, material, and winding method.

The formula is applicable for any type of winding of coils, including helix-wound, ring-wound and spiral-wound. The resulting wire tension should be within the range of these recommendations to achieve a good yield.

Ideally, coils should be sized to provide sufficient wire for the intended application. For example, coils sized to fit an induction heating system should have the appropriate length of tubing to allow for the varying magnetic fields produced by the heating power supply.

Induction Coil is a type of electrical heating device which uses an alternating current to develop a varying magnetic field. Unlike traditional heating devices, the coils in an induction heating system are designed to match the part to be heated.

The coils are normally made from copper tubes – an extremely good conductor of heat and electricity. Typically, these are 1/8″ to 3/16″ in diameter.

Level wound copper coils (LWC) are a cost-effective pre-material for manufacturing heat interchange, tube bends, fittings, solar collectors, and cable lugs. These are manufactured from the finest round plain copper tubes and supplied either annealed or hard tempered, with cardboard reels for ease of de-coiling.