Aluminum Shot and Vaccine Adjuvants

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aluminum shot is used to improve surface finishing of metal products and enhance the durability of welded joints. It is a fine-grained metallic powder with high thermal conductivity and low specific gravity. It is odorless and silver-gray in color. This product is available in a variety of grit sizes and can be used for blast cleaning, cast finishing, deburring, sandblasting and shot peening. It can also be used in processes that involve removal of paints. aluminum shot is also used in the steel manufacturing industry as a degasser during the melting process.

Vaccine Adjuvants

Despite their widespread use since the 1930s, medical science still has a limited understanding of how vaccine adjuvants work and the potential adverse effects they may cause in humans. Historically, small amounts of aluminum salts (such as aluminum hydroxide or aluminium phosphate) were added to vaccines to strengthen the body’s immune response to the disease germs in the vaccine.

These adjuvants are injected into the body, most often through an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. During the injection procedure, they may interact with proteins and other molecules in the interstitial fluid at the vaccination site. They may also interact with antigen, thereby enhancing the immunogenicity of the vaccine.

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