AEC-9Na Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate

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About Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate:
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate is a new type of multifunctional anionic surfactant with good detergency, emulsification, dispersibility and calcium soap dispersing power.
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Product Performance of Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate:
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate has good foaming power and foam stability; it has acid and alkali resistance, hard water resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to oxidants and reducing agents; it has good compatibility, especially without interference with the performance of cations;
It has good solubilizing properties and is suitable for the preparation of functional transparent products; it is easily biodegradable.

Technical Parameter of Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate:

Product Name    Short Name   Purity       PH    OdorAppearance  
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylateAEC-9Na28%7-9;
N/AColorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Applications of Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate:
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylateis used as an emulsifier or co-emulsifier for cream cosmetics; used for personal cleansing and protection products such as mild shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, hand sanitizers, etc.; mixed into soap bars to improve mildness, calcium soap dispersion, and foam performance And bath sensation;
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate is used in household detergents, industrial cleaning agents and non-phosphorus detergents; used in scouring, mercerizing, bleaching, softening, dyeing and other processes in the textile industry;
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate is used as an emulsifier and viscosity reducer that is resistant to high temperature and high concentration of electrolytes and is used in tertiary oil recovery and petroleum transportation to improve oil recovery and prevent wax precipitation;
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate is used in waste paper deinking and softener formulations in the paper industry; as a degreasing agent component in the leather industry.

Packing & Shipping of Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate:
We have many different kinds of packing which depend on Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate quantity.
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate packing: 1kg/bottle, 25kg/barrel, or 200kg/ barrel.
Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate shipping: could be shipped out by sea, by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.

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Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate Properties

Other NamesN/A
Compound FormulaRO-(CH2CH2O)n-CH2COONa
Molecular WeightN/A
AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Melting PointN/A
Boiling PointN/A
Solubility in H2ON/A
Exact MassN/A

Sodium alcohol ether carboxylate Health & Safety Information

Signal WordN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
Transport InformationN/A
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