Advantages of Aluminum Nitride Sheet

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aluminum nitride sheet is an ideal ceramic substrate material used in high brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs) and communications devices. The wide band gap and electrical insulating properties of the material make it an excellent choice for power semiconductors and high-speed electronics applications. It has excellent thermal conductivity, and is non-toxic and non-magnetic. It also has a coefficient of expansion that matches that of silicon wafers.

It can be made into various shapes and sizes and is stable to high temperatures. It is a covalently bonded material that can be formed by carbothermal reduction of aluminum oxide or direct nitridation. It can be machined into complex geometries in green or biscuit form and will retain these dimensions through the sintering process. However, the sintering process causes the material to shrink by approximately 20%. This can make it difficult to hold tight tolerances on fully machined AlN.

The material is highly abrasion resistant and has a very high hardness compared to alumina or beryllium oxide technical ceramics. It is also a good electrical insulator with a low dielectric constant and a low dissipation factor. The electrical properties of the material are further enhanced by the presence of a wurtzite phase, which has an energy band gap of 6.2 eV at room temperature.

The material is non-toxic and non-magnetic, making it an excellent choice for power semiconductors and electronics applications. Its electrical insulation properties are further enhanced by the presence of a layer of aluminum oxide. This layer helps to protect the material from oxidation in air, even at room temperature, and can withstand temperatures up to 1370 °C.